Success Guide

Success Guide
has started as a website in April 2006.

The idea existed to set up a business that could help people who are interested in personal development and offer them programs that are based on the wishes of the participants.

In 2008 Stefan and Arnout started two collective companies, Success Guide and I.F.D.A. (Interactive Financial Destiny Academy); both are established in Zaandam.

The ambition is to constantly expand these both companies in a successful way and nationally and internationally offer a surplus value to individuals and companies, in the way of personal, professional and business development.

Success Guide is managed by the owners Stefan and Arnout.

Furthermore the team of Success Guide consists of:

  • Marc; they are the sales consultants/coaches.
  • Leny; she is responsable for the finance department.
  • Gerber; he is the online marketeer and responsible for the Event management
  • Yvonne; she is the management-assistent responsable for the back-office activities.
  • Laura;  she is working on the back-office activities and supporting for the Events.
  • Anne; she assist during workshops, training and seminars and several other activities.

During the Anthony Robbins’ Live Events several volunteers assist as crew members.

Success Guide also cooperates with several partners in the Netherlands and with companies like Success Guide (Succesgids) in other European countries.
Succesgids groep Joseph McClendon Rimini 2010

UPW 2013 group picture Succesgids with Joseph McClendon

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