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Steve Linder: Europe Training 2012 in Amsterdam!

Steve Linder, the absolute top expert in the field of NLP & neuroscience strategies, is doing his 5-day training Applied NLP & NeuroStrategies Certification in 2012 again in Europe! This time it will be in the Netherlands, close to Amsterdam! This program is organized only a few times per year , usually in the U.S. or Australia. In June 2012, this training will take place for an exclusive group of European participants in the Netherlands.
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Steve Linder: Change or Progress?

Over the past weekend Steve Linder in Haarlem has given a very inspiring training weekend where he has been teaching a large number of the basic principles of NLP and Spiral Dynamics Neurostrategies. I must say that Steve has me again positively surprised. And also incredibly inspired.

I speak with a lot of people who want to change themselves, their relationships, their health, career, financial situation or whatever. During the training, Steve Linder made it clear that it is not about change, but progress. Even without doing anything, we still change. The world around us is changing and as a result we are affected and we are changing too. Whether we like it or not.

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