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Coachingsletter April 2010 




The past does not equal the future 

~ Anthony Robbins ~  

Why do we do what we do?
What is it that drives us and how can we get back control? 




What is it that a man is willing to risk his life for a stranger (see the article in the “New York Subway Hero”)? And what is it that some people have fun with the pain of others? 

Why do we want to stop smoking, but we don’t do it? And why do we lose weight to gain weight again?

The answer on these questions is lying in our human needs, our beliefs and the habits and routines that we have integrated in our lives.

In every moment in our life we make 3 decisions. The first one is: “On what do I focus?” The target you focus on is the target of your energy. In our lives there are so many things on which we can focus, but what is the most important for you? How much time you focus on the things that you most appreciate?

As soon as you focus on something, immediately you make the second decision: “What does this mean?” What meaning do you give to that where you focus on? This meaning is often given by our beliefs and the things we are used to do.

On the basis of the meaning that we give to something we make the third decision: “Which action do I take?”. Often we act on Autopilot, while we usually in similar situations choose the same actions. But does this “automatic” reaction match the things you really want? The person you really want to be?

On every moment of your life you can decide to focus on other targets, to assign a different meaning to the things you see, hear or feal, and take another action. First you have to be aware of your present-day patterns, and then you can transform them in a way that will really help you reach your  goals.

When you look back at your life, have there been any moments that determined your life? Do you think another focus, another meaning and another action at that moment would have given your life another turn?

Anthony Robbins says: “It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped“.


New York Subway Hero
Wesley Autrey risks his life to save an unknown 

On January 2, 2007, Wesley Autrey performs a heroic act in the subway of New York. The Afro-American man doesn’t think twice when he, walking with his 2 daughters of 4 and 6 years, sees that a 19 years ols white student gets an epileptic seizure. The boy collapses and falls on the rails. There he lies with a bleeding head wound. 

Wesley jumps on the de rails and he sees that the subway is advancing him at full speed. He tries to withdraw the student, but he realizes that it is too late. Then he pulls the boy between the rails and he lies himself down on him.

The subway tries to stop, but goes on over them. The first carriages storm over them, but they miss them by a hair, literally.  The subway is so close that the cap that  Wesley is wearing, is damaged by the carriage that races over him.

Instinctively Wesley made the decision to do anything that lies within his possibilities to save the life of an unknown. Thanks to his heroic action the student survives the life-threatening situation.

Unleash the Power Within
A weekend event that will transform your life 

More than 30 years of experience, plus live seminars and personal coaching with more than 3.5 millions (!) of people made that Anthony Robbins like no other is capable to give you the insights that will help you to reckon with the habits and patterns that consciously or unconsciously have stopped you to do the things that you really want to do. 

Whether it is quit smoking, a healthy and vital life, the next step in your career or business, Anthony Robbins and Joseph McClendon not only will show you how to realize it, but more important, they will let you make the shift that is needed to do so.

All the (hidden) potential that is inside you, will be unleashed. In the past few years we have seen it happen with about 100,000 people and this leads to an enormous list of testimonials of enthousiastic attendants. Both during as after the seminar, not only just after but also years after the seminar!


Seminar overview
Coming inspirerende events 


Anthony Robbins




Unleash the Power Within

Rome, June 24 – 27

Date With Destiny

California, December 6 – 11

Joseph McClendon


Montreux, May 14 t/m 16 mei

Unleash the Power Within

Rome, June 24 – 27

Next Step Ev ent

Londen, January 29 – 30




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