Coachingsletter March 2010


Dear friend,  

The first quarter of the new decade is almost over now. Maybe you’ve made good intentions at the beginning of the new year, or you made a commitment: a decision from which you don’t deviate any more.

However, each time we notice that the decisions that people usually make around New Year, aren’t realized in the end. They weren’t real decisions, only good intentions.

When you have made a real decision, it isn’t possible to “sink”. You made a shift in yourself, so nothing else exists any more, only the thing that you have decided. Whether it is your health (quit smoking, lose weight), your relationship, your financial future, a career switch or a business start, every time you can see the same patterns.

Some weeks ago during the workshop Design Your Own Life we made a goalsetting session and we searched for attendants who had set goals for the next year that had never been realized before by someone else. It proved that 100% of the attendants had set goals that already had been realized by others for many times. So consequently it is far more effective to learn from the experience of others, by modeling the special patterns of those who already have realized the goals that you want to reach.

In order to let you make real decisions to design your future, we’ll give you a summary of the upcoming events that are based on this subject. If you want to get advice about what seminar can help you out most, in the realization of your dreams and goals, please call our team on +31 (0)75-6121948. We are glad to help you out.

Why are we so convinced of these programs and why do we want to bring as many people as possible to these seminars? We have seen, in our own lives and also in thousands of others’ lives, the huge effect of attending these top programs. It is like the man who sees a lot of people trying to swim to the other side of the river that is loaded with crocodiles, while the man knows that there is a bridge around the corner, around the bend of the river, where the people can cross the river. The man will do anything to bring the people to the bridge. That is exactly how we see these programs. We are familiar with the bridge and we would be very happy to bring you there. So you can reach your goals without all the struggles with crocodiles.

We ask your special attention for:

Date With Destiny
In April we are going to Bali with a European group of people. Never before such a great European group was going to Date With Destiny.
Date With Destiny is the “master piece” of Anthony Robbins, a unique 6-day seminar in which Anthony Robbins will make you experience who you really are and how your future can be when you are going to live the life that you desire deep inside. Also a number of very powerful processes will make you break through the barriers that have stopped you until now.
See the special website: www.datewithdestiny.eu

With succesful greetings,

The Succesgids team

Upcoming events

April April 12 – 17, 2010
Tony Robbins
April 22 – 26, 2010
Keith J. Cunningham
May May 24 – 26, 2010
Steve Linder
May 28 – 30, 2010
Steve Linder
June June 24 – 27, 2010
Tony Robbins / Joseph McClendon
Unleash the Power Within

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“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action.
If there’s no action you haven’t truly decided”

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