Joseph McClendon

Succeleration Research Group
After a successful career at record company CBS Joseph McClendon III set up the Succeleration Research Group, a big consultancy that amongst others is occupied with Peak Performance coaching, workshops and seminars for the business market in the whole world.
The last seven semesters he was also joined to the University of Los Angeles (UCLA). He teached Human re-engineering, Leadership and a continued program of Communication and Influence for the additional program of this university.

Cooperation with Anthony Robbins
In 1986 Joseph met the bestseller author and speaker Anthony Robbins en they decided to cooperate. After he had learned the technique, he became very competent in helping people to overcome their fears, phobias and emotional challenges. After his work as a trainer and master trainer Joseph is now a main trainer and instructor at the Robbins “Mastery University”. This university is attended by businessmen and entrepreneurs, directors and people that are looking for a better quality of life, from at least forty-six different countries.

The university has a staff with leaders like general Norman Schwarzkopf, financial genius Peter Lynch and marketing guru Jay Abraham.

Fortune 500
Joseph McClendon is frequently asked to give business training, workshops and seminars for many of the Fortune 500 companies in the US, Europe and Australia.

He is an expert in the coaching of sales professionals in case of overcoming their inner and outer obstacles, that obstruct their selling results and interfere with their sales targets. Joseph supplies them with skills of influence and the tools that give the salesmen the advantage of the competition that is necessary to be able to grow under the circumstances of the market in this new millennium.

He is a co-author, together with Tony Robbins, of the bestsellers ‘Power Thoughts’ and ‘Unlimited Power – A black Choice’.

Joseph McClendon III
Unleash the Power Within May 18 – 21, 2012, London
Z factor June 15 – 17, 2012, Marbella
A-factor October 5 – 7, 2012, Helsinki

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