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Nick Vujicic Arnout van der SwaluwMy interest in personal development came into being during my study at the university, where I have been working as an independent entrepreneur.

During the many seminars about personal development, communication and entrepreneurship that I attended, speakers referred to the books and cd’s of Norman Vincent Peal, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey and Anthony Robbins. In 1994 Anthony Robbins came to The Netherlands for one day, and I attended his exciting seminar and bought his personal power audio tapes. Inspired by Anthony Robbins I several times was a guest speaker myself on minor and major seminars in the period of 1994 to 1996.

After my study of business economics I have been active in business since 1996. As well as the marketing and consultancy positions that I held in the beginning, the 10 years of management positions I liked best.

In my last job as a business director I was occupied with the professional world of investments and investment information. Combined with my more than 20 years of experience as an investor, it was a logical step for me to start I.F.D.A. (Interactive Financial Destiny Academy) in 2007, together with Stefan Dettmer. Afterwads we merged the 2 companies to Succesgids (English SuccessGuide Europe). In that way I wanted to contribute to the development of the participants in several areas of life.

Since 2008 we started to build up a team of enthusiastic and like minded players sharing the same mission. Besides promoting the seminars of Anthony Robbins, Succesgids was starting organizing several business and personal developments seminars in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Great international speakers from the U.S. like Keith Cunningham (4 Day MBA, How to buy a Business, Keys to the Vault), Joseph McClendon, Steve Linder, Cheri Tree, David Wolfe and Dr Jones were brought to the Netherlands (Amsterdam) by Succesgids. And inspiring speakers from the U.K. like the serial entrepreneur Kevin Green, Marcus de Maria, Judymay Murphy and Andy Harrington.

From 2011-2015 Succesgids has organized or promoted over 300 Events, seminars and trainings in the Netherlands and Europe. From small exclusive trainings with 50 people, to big Events with over 1.000 (paid) participants like the David Wolfe seminars in Amsterdam November 2014.

With some of the speakers, we are in the process of helping them in other (European/Middle East) markets with local partners in the several countries.

My own mission is to create a positive impact on the participants with our events and the workshops of Succesgids/SuccessGuide, with enthusiasm and inspiration. My personal slogan:

“Life is short, so live it fully and contribute as much as you can.
Take control of your own Future and make it happen.
It’s your destiny!”

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Tony Robbins Arnout

Tony Robbins, bringing over more then 1.000 people to his seminars so far


Bringing Joseph McClendon to the Netherlands for a seminar with 650 people

David Wolfe Arnout

David Wolfe since 2011, having more then 1.000 participants in Amsterdam 2014

Arnout en Kevin Green

The Secret Millionaire and serial entrepreneur Kevin Green


Arnout en Judymay

Judymay Murphy Legendary Status weekend training in Amsterdam

Nick Vujicic Arnout van der Swaluw
With Nick Vujicic 2015 Amsterdam (no arms, no legs, no limits)

Arnout en Andre Kuipers

Astronaut Andre Kuipers on a multiple speaker Event