Coachingsletter April 2011


Coachingsletter April 2011


“As a wheel rolls smoothly and consume less energy when it’s well rounded and aligned, so you will be more successful if there’s a balance between all key areas of your life!”

Do you want more balance in life?
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In this coachingsletter we inform you about the ‘wheel of life’. The wheel of life is part of Anthony Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method (RPM) and will help you to be the manager of your life, by focusing your attention, time and energy on specific areas of life. By mapping your wheel of life and improve each area, you will become more and more balanced, experience less stress, have more fun, have more energy and be able to give more of yourself to the people around you! In short, you will be able to live a more successful life!

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How would it be if you could choose for the things that are really important to you?

Today the world is changing fast: the information flow grows exponentially and this flow will continue to grow. The current economic conditions also make the necessary changes in the professional and / or financial area and the increasing demands do test the strength of our relationships and health. These changes require us to make choices every day. What information do we give attention? How much time do we spend on our relationships, family, our work and health?

Within these areas the same patterns do return continuously, which means that our focus is increasingly important in order to give direction to our lives. And to be able to determine your direction, it is necessary that you know where you want to go, what you want to achieve and what is important to you. So do you know what’s important to you in your life? Or in which area you would like to focus? This focus can make the difference between being overwhelmed or going with the flow.

What areas in our life are important and how do we keep the balance?

The speed of the current society requires us to look for new ideas to stay balanced; we need to develop, and we have to make decisions all the time in the various areas of our lives. For example, we can only be really successful in our work when there’s a balance between work and private life. For example, when you have a very successful job and at home it’s a mass, can you come home and really enjoy the successes of your work? What is the use of money without people around you that you love and that love you to share it with? What is the use of wealth without health?

Wheel of life: Through focused attention your wheel of life can be formed

By defining the things that are really important to you, you can make priorities and give attention to the areas of life that are important to you to grow. So you can form your wheel of life by focused attention, make it more ‘allround’ so you can better go forward and make choices, because you know what you need at this moment. And growth in one area can lead to growth in another area. So you create your own growth and development! Anthony Robbins supports all kinds of people with their personal growth and development and he offers with his “wheel of life” a tool to map efficiently the way your wheel of life is rolling.

Your wheel of life mapped

Without any doubt there are certain areas in your life that are fantastic and like most people there are probably also areas of life that need your attention. Maybe your relationship is great, but your financial situation is oppressive. Or maybe you pay much attention to your work and your bank account florishes, but your health and fitness isn’t too well? Do you want to know how your wheel of life is rolling?

Just pick up a piece of paper and draw a circle with 8 sections. Each section is corresponding to some of the typical areas of your life, for instance: Finances, Relationships, Work, Health, Personal Development, Emotions, Spirituality, Hobby’s, etc. Write these areas on the outside of the sections. Choose the areas that are important to you, it is your wheel of life! Then, taking one area at a time, grade yourself on a scale of 0 to 10. The middle of the circle corresponds to 0 and the outside ring of the circle corresponds to 10. Now you draw a line across the section that represents the number you currently rate yourself at in that section and fill in that part of the section with a colour.

What does your wheel of life look like? Would your go for a ride on the highway at 120 km/h with this wheel?

Now you’ve got insight in your wheel of life, you can see which area of your life needs attention to grow. At the right sidebar you’ll find a number of seminars with several items that correspond with the different areas of life.
Main events 2011
Events international toptrainers
Personal development 

Anthony Robbins & Joseph McClendon 

Unleash the Power Within

Rimini, September 23 – 26

Joseph McClendon

Next Step Event

Helsinki, September 3 – 4


Joseph McClendon

Montreux, May 20 – 22

Business skills 

Richard Branson
& Anthony Robbins 

National Achievers Congress

London, July 2 – 4


Leadership & relationships

Anthony Robbins

Date With Destiny

Australia, August 6 – 11

Palm Springs, December 9 – 14


Time of your life 

Time Management Systeem 

Anthony Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method (RPM) is a proven system for taking anything you can envision and making it real. At its core, RPM is a system of thinking. In fact, the most important result that will come out of your using this life management system is that it will literally train you to think in an entirely new way, causing you to focus on what’s truly most important to you in life. 

When you are focused in this direction, you will begin to not only produce extraordinary results, but most importantly, you will experience an amazing level of personal fulfillment in the process.

Traditional planning methods cause you to focus on one very specific question: What do I need to do? To-do lists can keep you busy, and checking off a series of tasks can provide the illusion of progress. But have you ever crossed off everything on your to-do list and still felt like you had not really accomplished anything?

There is a big difference between movement and achievement.

The RPM system causes you to focus first on what you want – the results that you are committed to achieving in your life – before you figure out what you need to do. You then design all of your activity around making progress toward achieving what you want.

Time of your life
Time of Your Life includes: 

  • 16 CDs
  • A custom workbook
  • Summary cards
  • Sample Rapid Planning Method forms
  • Time Plus (a 20-page, personalized online time assessment tool)
Wheel of life
Wheel of life

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