Coachingsletter December 2010


Coachingsletter December 2010

Really achieve your goals
Dear friend,

It’s almost New Year 2011! Did you already make some resolutions, like every New Year? What happened to your resolutions last year? Did they work?

I hope you took action in several areas and that it had a positive influence on your life!

Maybe you wanted also… quit smoking, lose weight, do more things in less time… and this year you’ll make that resolutions again. These are things that many people have: actions that you procrastinate.
In this coachingsletter we will explore the 7 root causes of procrastination and give you several practical tools to overcome it.
1. Lack of skill and/or attitude

If you lack sufficient skill to complete a task at a reasonable level of quality, you may procrastinate to avoid a failure experience. You then have the option to  educate yourself, in order to increase your skills or your attitude. When you make a really decision in your life, you don’t do it cognitive, but emotionally. Worldwide Anthony Robbins is the one that can let you make a real decision based on emotions during his seminars Unleash the Power Within and Date With Destiny.

2. Stress

When you feel stressed, worried, or anxious, it’s hard to work productively. One of the simplest ways to reduce stress is to take more time for play.

3. Overwhelm

When you have more items on your to-do list than you can reasonably complete, this can quickly lead to procrastination while you can least afford it. In this case the message is that you need to stop, reassess your true priorities, and simplify.

Options for reducing schedule overwhelm include elimination and delegation. First, review your to-dos and cut as much as you can, removing the most worthless ones first. Secondly, delegate tasks to others as much as possible. Ask for extra help if necessary.


4. Laziness

When you feel lazy, even simple tasks seem like too much work and you’ll procrastinate to conserve energy. The solution is: move your body. Exercise and diet help to raise your energy levels. The most energizing foods are raw fruits and vegetables. Make your diet abundant in these foods, and you’ll likely see a marked improvement in your energy levels.

5. Lack of discipline

Even when motivation is high, you may still encounter tasks you don’t want to do. When you feel motivated, you don’t need much discipline, but if your self-discipline is weak, however, procrastinating will be too tempting to resist.

6. Poor Time Management Habits

Poor time management habits often lead to procrastination, often unintentionally.

For tasks you’ve been putting off for a while, you can use the Rapid Planning Method of Anthony Robbins. You will learn to focus on the results you’re after and the real reasons you want to achieve them.

7. Perfectionism

A common form of erroneous thinking that leads to procrastination is perfectionism. You put the task off to the last possible minute until you finally have a way out of this trap. Now there isn’t enough time to do the job perfectly, so you’re off the hook because you can tell yourself that you could have been perfect if you only had more time.

The solution to perfectionism is to give yourself permission to be human. Realize that an imperfect job completed today is always superior to the perfect job delayed indefinitely.

Some of these cures are challenging to implement, but they’re effective. The upside is that tackling procrastination yields tremendous personal growth. You’ll become braver, more disciplined, more driven, and more focused. You grow stronger.
We wish you a successful and healthy 2011 in which you will live the life you’ve always wanted!
Don’t procrastinate!
Create an outstanding year!
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