Coachingsletter September 2010

Coachingsletter September 2010

We live in a time of extraordinary opportunities and endless possibilities – but are we truly experiencing the quality of life we desire? As an achiever, you know that whatever tasks you focus on, you’ll accomplish. But with so many challenges facing you, it can be difficult to find balance and true fulfillment in your life.When every fiber of your being longs to take your life to the next level, to discover the purpose you were born to fulfill, what actions can you take now to move toward your rightful destiny? The same level of thinking that has gotten you this far won’t take you where you ultimately want to go. To achieve an extraordinary quality of life, you must take extraordinary steps. The event Date With Destiny offers advanced guidance that inspires vision to help you discover superior insight and achieve unparalleled results.

Date with Destiny
Your Ultimate Purpose
Date With Destiny
Date With Destiny will help define your ultimate purpose and massively accelerate the pace of your success. Incredibly intense and unusually intimate, this six-day event is one of only two programs worldwide where you can experience Anthony Robbins live and in person. If you constantly demand the most from yourself and the people around you and if you refuse to accept “good enough” and long for access to that peak emotional and physical state where anything and everything is within reach, Date With Destiny is not an option–it’s a must.
Date With Destiny seminar
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Monday 6th December till Saturday 11th December 2010Location:

Desert Springs JW Marriott Resort & Spa

74855 Country Club Drive

Palm Desert CA 92260

Marriot Spa Resort
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Date With Destiny

Date with Destiny
Have You Ever Taken the Time to Consider what it is, That YOU, as a Person Really Needs…
and What it is, That YOU Need to Give?

Being successful in life is not enough, you have to have passion to really fulfill your dreams. Conversely it is hard to become successful if you are not true to yourself and to those you love.Date With Destiny is all about discovering and about understanding your core wiring. We are all driven to fulfil six basic human needs. These are not just desires or wants but rather form the basis of every choice we make. They are:

* Certainty

* Uncertainty / Variety

* Significance

* Connection / Love

* Growth

* Contribution

Anthony Robbins
Anthony Robbins at Date With Destiny will take you step by step through
the discovery process and help you move to a place where you can truly
achieve. Achieve your love, your success, your ability to contribute, in
fact anything you want.Don’t go through life as a slave to your
subconscious. Remember, everything you want in life is outside your
comfort zone. Take this once in a lifetime opportunity and truly fulfill
your dreams. 

This six-day event is one of only two programs worldwide where you can experience Anthony Robbins live and in person.

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