Joseph McClendon: Next Step Event

An impression of The Next Step Event, with Joseph McClendon.


Will you take the next step too?
Just give it a moment’s thought how life really is and how the 21st century has been evolved, and be aware of how much better it would be if you could use the most up-to-date and advanced tools to manage ALL challenges! You don’t have to wait any longer… We proudly announce the new Next Step Event, that will take place in London, January 29-30, 2011.

Now call for prices and availability: +31 (0)75 – 612 19 48


Stefan Dettmer, Success Guide
Success Guide is official promoter of Tony Robbins Live Events. We organise and promote seminars of Tony Robbins, Joseph McClendon and other related topspeakers. We bring over international groups to seminars like Unleash the Power Within, Date With Destiny, Business Mastery, Next Step and Z-factor.
Success Guide is dedicated to bring people to the next level in all areas of their lives, including business & career, relationships, health and finances.

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