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When he was 21 years old, Lance Armstrong became the youngest world champion cycling ever. Partly due to his tremendous will power and talent.

Four years later all at once Lance was confronted with cancer, by which he had caught many brain and lung tumours and had little chance to survive. Lance recovered by a proper medical threatment and the fight he put up against his cancer cells. Curious enough he came out totally recovered.

His team had dismissed him, they didn’t see any chances in the battered Lance Armstrong. The cycling public also never expected him to come out that strong.

The one that really believed in Lance, was Johan Bruyneel, team manager and former cycling professional.
Johan convinced Lance to join the Tour, and doing so, to go for victory (see the book “We might as well win” by Johan Bruyneel).

Afterwards Lance won one of the most severe sports matches, the Tour de France, no less than seven times in a row under the supervision of Johan Bruyneel. Never in cycling history anyone has achieved this.

After 3 years of “fighting” for his own cancer foundation Live Strong, in 2009 Lance returned in the cycling peleton to prove that after cancer, even when you are 37 years old, you can do more than you think. This to generate world wide publicity and funds for his foundation. In the Tour de France of 2009, Lance Armstron even became third in the overall standing, just behind young rider Andy Schleck and Lance his team mate at Astana Alberto Contador. After the Tour Armstrong announced to start his own cycling team next year with sponsors Radio Shack and Livestrong. Perhaps Johan Bruyneel, a friend and coach for live, will help him to create a competitive team with Lance going for a another podium victory at the Tour de France of 2010.

You can see the story of Lance Armstrong in the YouTube film below:


Fragments successes Lance Armstrong.
Highlights from some of Lance Armstrong’s Tour de France years: 1999 – 2005″



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