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Paul Potts always thought himself insignificant. He always thought himself different from other people and he got teased at school. He had one real friend, his voice. Singing was his “escape”. He discovered his real passion, but by lack of confidence and fear of rejection he never dared to take a step. In order to prevent a no he stayed in his comfortzone.

He became a salesman of mobile phones. His manager told him that he was a natural talent as a salesman, but he himself felt that it wasn’t true.  In 2000 he used his savings and the money he won at a show for a 3-months Masterclass in Italy. During that masterclass he amongst others learned from Pavarotti to sing even better. But in 2003 cancer was established….

His world collapsed, but in 2007 he showed that passion and talent conquer in the end.
Paul Potts wins Britain’s Got Talent. Since that time he follows his real passion and he lives his ‘destiny’.


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