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What creates the winning edge?  How is it that some people, even in the most difficult economic times, find a way not only to succeed financially, but to make a difference in other people’s lives and be fulfilled?

In a world changing so rapidly, how do we balance our time, our emotions, our physical vitality, our relationships, and our financial world in a way that creates true success and fulfillment?

Tony Robbins, the foremost authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiation and peak performance, created Mastery University specially for leaders committed to expanding and improving the quality of their lives.

Mastery University is the most advanced system for revolutionizing the many aspects of your life.

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The programs are divided into a series of three distinct sessions: Wealth Mastery, Life Mastery and Date With Destiny. These programs are attended over a 12- to 24-month period.

The seminars will be given in various locations in the world.

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