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Serena Williams

Donna Karyn

Hugh Jackman

Mark Burnett


Hugh Jackman
“No matter who you are, no matter how successful, no matter how happy–Tony has something to offer you.”
Hugh Jackman, Actor
Mark Burnett
“What Tony really gave me, a kid sitting on Venice beach selling T-shirts, was to take risks, take actions, and really become something.”
Mark Burnett, Executive Producer, Survivor
Brett Ratner
“No matter how successful you are, no matter how many great things are going on in your life, there’s always something that you can improve upon in your life. Tony Robbins can help you do that. He gives you the tools you need…”
Brett Ratner, Action Film Director, X-Men, Rush Hour
Quincy Jones
“Anthony Robbins knows the rhythm of the success. He is an incredible source of inspiration, and his methods have improved the quality of my life. I only work with the best and Tony is the Best.”
Quincy Jones, Grammy Winning Award, Musician and Producer
Mariel Hemingway
“Tony Robbins has the ability to break down the old patterns that prevent you from being your true self. Once you find that you are no longer dictated by old beliefs, you are on the road to creating joy, true happiness and success in all areas of your life.”
Mariel Hemingway, Oscar-Nominated Actress and Author of Healthy Living from the Inside Out
Jeff Arch
“A month after Date With Destiny, I wrote Sleepless in Seattle and sold it for a quarter of a million dollars. Since then, I’ve sold or been assigned seven more screenplays, at escalating amounts of money, for major studios and the top directors in the business.”
Jeff Arch, Screenwriter and Oscar nominee, Sleepless in Seattle


“Tony’s incredible understanding of the world, people, and human nature makes him the ultimate life coach. He knows what it takes to make people excel….and to win!”
André Agassi, Eight-time Grand Slam Tennis Champion
Serena Williams
“Tony Robbins’ coaching has made a remarkable difference in my life both on and off the court. With Tony’s help, I’ve set new standards for myself, and I’ve taken my tennis game—and my life—to a whole new level!”
Serena Williams, 8-Time Grand Slam Tennis Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist
Lisa Curry-Kenny
“Tony Robbins gives you the kick start to get going as well as the strategy to follow through with your plans. This program is a must for anyone who wants to get more out of life.”
Lisa Curry-Kenny,  Three-Time Olympian and Mother of Three


The New York Times
“The high priest of human potential. The world can’t get enough of Anthony Robbins.”
The New York Times
Forbes Magazine
Tony Robbins named to the Forbes “Celebrity 100,” an annual list of the world’s most powerful celebrities.
Forbes Magazine, June 2007
The Washington Post
“Robbins is the Mick Jagger of the genre.”
The Washington Post

Business & Politics

American Express
AMERICAN EXPRESS asked its entrepreneurial clients whom they would select to help them take their business to the next level, if price were no object. Without any lists being provided, they came up with the following six responses: 1. Bill Gates, 2. Warren Buffett, 3. Ross Perot, 4. Donald Trump, 5. Lee Iacocca, 6. Tony Robbins
Accenture's Institute for Strategic Change
Tony Robbins ranks as one of the “Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World.”
Accenture’s Institute for Strategic Change
Former President Bill Clinton
“He has a great gift. He has the gift to inspire.”
President Bill Clinton
Deepak Chopra M.D.
“Tony’s techniques, his tapes, so encouraged me on almost a daily basis, really just to make the decision o run because there were a lot of folks who were against me running for Congress. A lot of people would be surprised that Bobby Rush, an ex Black Panther, would be a fan, an admirer and a friend of Tony Robbins. But they just don’t understand the nature of Tony Robbins and the nature of Bobby Rush. And I think we share the same goals and objectives: to make this world a better place for all.”
Deepak Chopra, M.D., Wellness Expert and Bestselling Author
Donna Karan
“Tony Robbins provides an amazing vehicle for looking at your life, mapping out a mission, and determining what’s holding you back and what you need to move forward. Tony tapped into my soul and helped me see my life’s work more clearly.”
Donna Karan, Legendary Fashion Designer
Dan Caldwell
“I remember saying…why can’t I be one of those people? And I just felt like Tony was telling you that you can, and I really felt that. I felt that if those guys can do it, why the hell can’t I?…and ten years later I am.”
Dan Caldwell, Owner of TapouT Clothing
John McCormack
I’ve had a lot of teachers and mentors over the years, and believe me, there is no one better than Tony Robbins.”
John McCormack, Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year
Harvard Business School Press
Tony Robbins ranks among the “Top 200 Business Gurus.”
Harvard Business School Press
Ken Blanchard
“You can’t afford not to know what Anthony Robbins is teaching!”
Ken Blanchard, New York Times Bestselling Author, The One Minute Manager
Stephen R. Covey
“Tony Robbins is one of the greatest influencers of this generation.”
Stephen R. Covey, Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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