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Keith J. Cunningham has more than thirty years of experience in business and investments. He has started several companies, negotiated about deals of millions of dollars, and has brought in and used for his business companies hundreds of millions.

He has made little deals, but also completed several big Wall Street transactions. He has acquaintance with business and investments from all possible points of view – from getting money to start a company, to big operations, to evaluations of companies, to investments in companies and markets.


Keith is a well-known speaker with charisma, who has spoken on seminars around the world, for example with Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki. He is a talented and inspiring teacher who loves his subject. He has the skill to communicate theoretical and practical knowledge, with which one can develop useful strategies which have to do with money, investments, negotiate and business.

It is said that entrepreneurship is something that cannot be teached. Don’t believe it. In the Business School for Entrepreneurs of Keith Cunningham students learn practically-oriented strategies to start a business as well as critical skills necessary to be successful in business and in life.

Keith J. Cunningham

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