The 4 Day MBA

Few things are more common than unrewarded technical expertise. 96% of all businesses fail prior to their 10th anniversary and usually the reason has little to do with industry knowledge, experience or technically incompetent owners.

Beating the odds requires business skills and expertise..
Things like:

1. They studied and apprenticed under someone who was a Master to learn the critical skills and tools. Masters allow you to do the right things right the first time and simultaneously avoid making the most basic and stupid mistakes. It’s the mistakes and setbacks that keep most business owners poor and struggling. Just about the time they are starting to climb out of the last hole they dug, they promptly start digging a new one.

2. They never stop studying and learning and getting coached. The best in the world know that they must practice to improve on a daily basis if they are to retain their greatness.

“How much money has a lack of Financial MASTERY cost you?”

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At what point in Tiger’s career do you envision him not getting coaching?
How much money has your financial and business mistakes cost you throughout your career?
How much money have you left on the table because you didn’t know how to fix the problem or grow your business?

For most people, the answers to these two questions are both staggering and largely unknowable, but what we do know is that these people are rarely successful because they would rather rely on themselves and trial and error instead of admitting they need help and coaching.

We have the expertise, skills and tools. We understand business and financials and can explain it to you so that you know which levers to pull to achieve your financial outcomes. Furthermore, we know what it takes to turn a business into a growth and cash flow machine.

Candidly, if you do what we tell you to do, the payback will be 10 times over in the first 6 months alone.

Now call for prices and availability: +31 (0)75 – 612 19 48

How you will benefit:
The most common question I get from entrepreneurs around the world is:  How do I grow my business and make more money? In this 4 Day MBA program, you will learn the specific strategies, skills and tools to successfully grow your business and make more money.

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Dates: January 31 – February 3
Location: Copenhagen

Payment options: Payable in instalments

Financial Literacy
If you can’t read the scoreboard, you don’t know the score. If you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers!

The number one most critical business and investing skill is the MASTERY of reading, understanding and using financial statements. In the first part of the course, Keith will teach you how to use financial statements to make informed, intelligent and strategic business and investment decisions. Without this skill, you are relying on hope, luck, emotions and instinct, which will never produce consistent financial results.

The numbers tell a story – you can’t make great decisions if you don’t know what they’re saying. If you are investing to make money, you’re relying on either your emotions and glands or your intellect and skills.

“How much money has a lack of Financial MASTERY cost you?”
Keith J. Cunningham

How you will benefit:
Master how to read and use the numbers to avoid financial peril.
Learn how to spot the four critical ratios that will make or break a deal.
Identify the danger signals and warning signs that can cripple or destroy your business.
Understand how to anticipate and manage financial crisis in your business.
Learn to spot profit drains immediately.
Learn which reports to request from your bookkeeper/accountant.
Learn to budget and utilize profit-planning tools, financial forecasting and break-even analysis.
Make more informed decisions, impact the bottom line and save money.
Take control of your Financial Future.

Anthony Robbins’ Master teacher Keith Cunningham Live during seminar about business skills, in particular how to direct to distinctive values.

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