Five Day Training

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Steve Linder is the absolute top-expert in the field of neurostrategies (NLP, Hypnotherapy, Spiral Dynamics). Linder is also responsible for the final certification for graduating Tony Robbins Master Teachers for more than 10 years. Steve is the expert in the field of application of the neurostrategies.
In June 2012 Steve Linder will return to the Netherlands! This program is only a few times per year and usually in the U.S. On 20-24 June 2012 he will give his ‘Five Day Training’ for an exclusive group of European participants in Netherlands, especifically for coaches, entrepreneurs and interested people in peak performance & NLP.

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Five Day Training Steve Linder

  • Learn from THE Master Trainer
  • Up Close and Personal
  • Master Clinical Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy Practitioner and Spiral Dynamics
  • Get Certification of American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)
  • Transform your life and the lives of others

Bring your coaching skills to the next level. Use NLP Neuro Strategies in practice and learn new skills to transform your life and the lives of the people around you!

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1. Core NLP & NeuroStrategies (June 20-24, 2012)

Learn all the basic skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Neuro Strategies of Steve Linder himself! By his unique training approach you will learn these skills in a combination of interactive activities and physical metaphors that shows you why Linder is known as ‘ transformation ‘ from your heart. Topics (it is taught in English by Steve Linder):

  • Learn how to communicate with anyone, anywhere, with more power and impact
  • Identify the key “filters” that influence our thoughts and behavior
  • Overcome challenges due to lack of motivation, weak goals, and fear of rejection
  • Deepen your relationships with loved ones and business colleagues
  • Uncover the motivations of others and use that knowledge to create win-win outcomes
  • Let go of old beliefs and decisions that have limited you in the past and create lasting changes in any area of your life
  • Access the resources of both the conscious and unconscious mind to gain the body’s support in ridding itself forever of addictions like smoking, drugs, alcohol, overeating, etc.
  • Identify the roots of relationship problems and create new options for enhanced communication and love
  • Make important decisions by eliminating unconscious conflicts
  • Learn how the brain creates meaning and how to ‘re-frame’ the meanings you and others give to the events in your lives
  • See how the tools of NLP fit together and are used in real world situations
  • And much more..


2. Applied NLP & NeuroStrategies Certification (June 22, 23 and 24)

As a follow-up to the basic course on 20 and 21 June 2012, the Advanced course of Steve Linder (22, 23 and 24 June 2012)let you see how your skills can bet in various situations in your daily life. You also get more insight into various powerful techniques that can help you in bringing real changes in yourself and the people around you. There are various degrees: NLP, Temporal Dynamics and Hypnotherapy. In this 3 days you will not only learn how the NLP Hypnotherapy, Neuro and other techniques work, but especially which technique is best for you to use (at a certain moment) and why.

  • Discover how the brain processes information and how emotions are created
  • Recognize the speech patterns of others and use advanced hypnotic language patterns to change behavior
  • Apply the unconscious power of hypnotherapy to effect real behavioral change
  • Establish meaningful rapport with others more quickly
  • Speak in the mental and emotional “language” of others so our real message and intent are crystal clear
  • Eliminate destructive patterns like phobias, addictions, stress, depression and insomnia
  • Learn Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy; tools that delve more deeply into communication with the unconscious mind
  • Eliminate the emotional impact of past traumatic memories and decrease the power of negative incidents in your daily life
  • Experience positive emotions such as love, peace, forgiveness, courage, enthusiasm on a daily basis
  • Master Spiral Dynamics and the major psychological structures of the human mind
  • Integrate a variety of psychological tools to help in eliminating phobias, addictions, and the effects of stress and depression
  • Positively impact the lives of those in your everyday work or family environment

It’s possible this is the only time you can participate in the Five Day Training of Steve Linder LIVE in the Netherlands. Normally this training is held in America. Only in 2009 this training was in London. So if you want to participate you can click on the link below!

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Practical information

Date: 20-24 June, 2012
Park Plaza Amsterdam Lijnden
Melbournestraat 1
1175 RM Lijnden – The Netherlands

Valid untill June 13, 2012:
€ 2.897 incl. VAT (€ 2.434,45 excl. VAT)
This training is SOLD OUT!

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