Steve Linder: Change or Progress?

Over the past weekend Steve Linder in Haarlem has given a very inspiring training weekend where he has been teaching a large number of the basic principles of NLP and Spiral Dynamics Neurostrategies. I must say that Steve has me again positively surprised. And also incredibly inspired.

I speak with a lot of people who want to change themselves, their relationships, their health, career, financial situation or whatever. During the training, Steve Linder made it clear that it is not about change, but progress. Even without doing anything, we still change. The world around us is changing and as a result we are affected and we are changing too. Whether we like it or not.

Often problems arise precisely when we do not change. If we do not anticipate or respond to the changing conditions, we are stuck sooner or later. We see this time and time again as a result of the uncertainties in the economy. Because several companies have not the ability to anticipate the changes in the markets they are in trouble. This often has an impact on its employees. An employee on his or her turn, not responsive to the circumstances runs the risk of losing the job. What we often see is people ‘freeze’, instead of taking action. By failing to take action they come in a problematic situation. And often the problem get worse and worse, the pain continued to get worse before they get into action. Often we think why this happen to me, or I can not help here. Perhaps we can indeed do nothing about the cause of a problem, we can however always determine what meaning we give to a particular situation. And the meaning we give to something determines what we experience and ultimately determines the quality of our lives.

We are therefore focused on change not progress. And if we have come to take action to solve the problem and do change, it reduces the pain again and as a result we come back into our old comfort zone. We do not grow, there is no real progress. Who does not recognize this: if you once get another (similar) job, or relationship, you take yourself along to the next relationship and experiencing similar challenges.

How can we avoid change, and obtain progress? This is possible because we make a shift in our identity, a shift in our beliefs and therefore really make steps forward. Steps forward so that we no longer are faced with similar cases. You often see it when people do not really make a change at the identity level that they will eventually come down to what they knew. Perhaps they were already on, but because they still have the same identity and beliefs, they return to their old comfort zone.

Steve Linder, former trainer at the Tony Robbins Leadership Academy, has shown that he is eminently capable of getting people actually shift in their identity and thereby to achieve real progress. Last weekend we had an enthusiastic group of participants to experience a foretaste of the 5-day training that he will give the end of June in Europe (the Netherlands). I’m, like many other participants, very excited to continue learning and especially to integrate the learnings into my own life and business.

Linder made a video about the Applied NLP & Neurostrategy course as well: http://www.success-guide.com/steve-linder-europe-training-2012-in-amsterdam/