Steve Linder: Europe Training 2012 in Amsterdam!

Steve Linder, the absolute top expert in the field of NLP & neuroscience strategies, is doing his 5-day training Applied NLP & NeuroStrategies Certification in 2012 again in Europe! This time it will be in the Netherlands, close to Amsterdam! This program is organized only a few times per year , usually in the U.S. or Australia. In June 2012, this training will take place for an exclusive group of European participants in the Netherlands.

Take Your Education to the Next Level: Apply Your NLP Neuro Strategies and Learn New Skills for Transforming Your Lives and the Lives of the People Around You!

‘Applied’ shows how to apply your skills in a variety of real world settings. You’ll also be introduced to several powerful techniques that aid in effecting real world change in you and the people in your life. Successful graduates will be certified in several areas: NLP, Temporal Dynamics, and Hypnotherapy.

  • Discover how the brain processes information and how emotions are created
  • Recognize the speech patterns of others and use advanced hypnotic language patterns to change behavior
  • Apply the unconscious power of hypnotherapy to effect real behavioral change
  • Establish meaningful rapport with others more quickly
  • Speak in the mental and emotional “language” of others so our real message and intent are crystal clear
  • Eliminate destructive patterns like phobias, addictions, stress, depression and insomnia
  • Learn Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy; tools that delve more deeply into communication with the unconscious mind
  • Eliminate the emotional impact of past traumatic memories and decrease the power of negative incidents in your daily life
  • Experience positive emotions such as love, peace, forgiveness, courage, enthusiasm on a daily basis
  • Master Spiral Dynamics and the major psychological structures of the human mind
  • Integrate a variety of psychological tools to help in eliminating phobias, addictions, and the effects of stress and depression
  • Positively impact the lives of those in your everyday work or family environment

Steve Linder is a Certified American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) Master Practitioner and Trainer, Trainer in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner and Trainer. He has used these skills to go from being a waiter to Vice President and Chief Information Officer of E*TRADE, Bank of America, Electronic Investing Corporation, and Charles Schwab. Steve is also a Performance Coach and Principal with SRI Coaching. He has provided solutions to the CEO’s of Fortune 100 corporations, celebrities, professional athletes, U.S. and foreign military, and outstanding individuals committed to designing the future they deserve.

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