Tony Robbins tribute to Jim Rohn

During the seminar Date With Destiny in Scottsdale Arizona, December 2009, Tony Robbins made a video as a tribute to Jim Rohn.
Jim Rohn was a very good friend of Tony and was his mentor when he was only 17 years old. He learned Tony that life won’t be easier, but that he could be better himself. It was the start of Tony’s career and because of the mentoring of Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins was able to create a new vision for his own life and touched the lives of millions and millions of people.



Stefan Dettmer, Success Guide
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By Michiko Jane Rolek on 2 June 2012 at 02:56

I love seeing a more gentle, reflective side of Tony Robbins. His love and respect for his mentor friend Jim Rohn reveals how deep his foundation is laid in these core principles to build successfully with virtues like reason, faith and trust in his true potential.


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By Marion Heath on 18 May 2014 at 17:47

It is good to see Tony Robbins give tribute to his mentor, Jim Rohn. As an employee of the city of Garden Grove in 1980 I was given an invitation to lunch to learn about an upcoming weekend of seminars with Jim Rohn. I knew nothing of Jim Rohn but it looked interesting so I attended the luncheon and met a very young (17 or 18 year old) Tony Robbins. He was memorable though had not yet developed into the big dynamic speaker he is today. He spoke highly of Jim Rohn and impressed upon a bus load of us to spend our valuable weekend to go to Los Angeles for two full days of seminars. I was always glad I went.


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